Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Forged in Steele by Maya Banks

Forged in Steele (KGI, #7) Title: Forged in Steele
Author: Maya Banks
Rating: 4 Stars

Synopsis: KGI operative, Steele, is considered an iceman and an enigma by his fellow teammates but Dr. Maren Scofield sees something behind his harsh facade - a man with strong emotions that just need the right person to bring them out. Is she that person? 

Review: Following the disappointment of PJ and Cole's story, I was wary of another story focusing on former secondary characters but am ecstatic to say that Maren and Steele's book is fantastic.

Maren and Steele have intense chemistry and their scenes together are both physically and emotionally intimate. Although Maren has been a recurring character in the series, little is known about her until now and she is revealed to be an intelligent, direct and loyal heroine who manages to hold her own in difficult situations.

Similarly, Steele has taken a backseat in previous installments and is little more that the typical stoic, strong and silent type - a man of few words and much action. This all changes in Forged in Steele as he finally meets his match and the ice begins to melt.

The suspense plot revolves around a mentally unstable drug lord with an unhealthy obsession for Maren. While this premise is solid, the situations does not come across as all that dire and drastic mainly because the villain is non-threatening for much of the time.

Nevertheless, the story and characters are engaging and I look forward to returning to KGI with Van's book and hopefully Rusty and Sean's as well.


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