Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Against the Law by Kat Martin

Against the Law (The Raines of Wind Canyon, #3) Title: Against the Law
Author: Kat Martin
Rating: 3 Stars

Synopsis: Determined to trace the baby girl her sister gave up for adoption. Lark Delaney seeks the help of P.I. Devlin Raines. However, what initially begins as a routine investigation turns into a dangerous adventure when the girl's parents are killed and she is kidnapped. 

Review: Similar to the first two books in the series, the basic premise has potential but the execution is poor with overly descriptive and redundant scenes.

Lark and Dev have tangible chemistry and there are, thankfully, no fade to black scenes as in book #2. That said, neither character is particularly likable. Dev is afraid to commit and constantly muses over the possibility of being with other women while Lark comes across as flirty and also mentions the possibility of having sex with another man. Their relationship is based almost solely on sex and their HEA is not believable.

The plot starts out well with the black market adoption ring. Unfortunately, this storyline is underdeveloped and plays out far too quickly. The book then goes off in a completely different, and unrealistic, direction with megalomaniac drug lords, rival cartels and special forces operatives taking over.

In sum, this series is nothing special and the secondary characters who will be the focus of future books are not that interesting.


  1. Replies
    1. Probably not. These books seem to fit into quite a few of my team challenge reads so I wouldn't be surprised to find myself reading another.

  2. I enjoyed this way more than you do, sorry you didn't connect with them.