Sunday, 29 September 2013

Covers to Covet #7: Steampunk Edition

Covers to Covet

Have you ever chosen a book based solely on its cover?

Sometimes a cover is a complete turn off but other times they make me want to rush right out and buy the book immediately!

Here are some recent additions to my Covers to Covet board on Pinterest

Many of my recent pins seem to focus on a theme: Steampunk. According to the Wikipedia, Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction that focuses on steam powered machinery set in an alternative 19th century Victorian world or a futuristic, post-apocalyptic world and includes elements of fantasy and the supernatural.  

Here are some of my favorites:

Kiss of Steel (London Steampunk, #1)Heart of Iron (London Steampunk, #2)My Lady Quicksilver (London Steampunk, #3)

Love the Victorian feel to the covers for Bec McMaster's London Steampunk series. The backgrounds convey the smoky, foggy atmosphere of 19th century London and the juxtaposition with the models' bare legs adds an air of subtle sexuality.

Kiss of Steel by Bec McMaster
Heart of Iron by Bec McMaster
My Lady Quicksilver by Bec McMaster

The covers for A. A. Aguirre's  Apparatus Infernum series epitomize the best of the Steampunk genre. The streetlamps in the background and the gears and cogs in the foreground convey the genre so clearly.

Bronze Gods (Apparatus Infernum, #1)Silver Mirrors (Apparatus Infernum, #2)

Bronze Gods by A. A. Aguirre
Silver Mirrors by A. A. Aguirre

Ironskin (Ironskin, #1)Copperhead (Ironskin, #2)

The models on the covers of Tina Connolly's Ironskin books have a classy, sophisticated yet exotic and dangerous air to them. The light and shading together with the inclusion of masks add another layer of mystery and intrigue.

Ironskin by Tina Connolly
Copperhead by Tina Connolly

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  1. I love the steampunk covers that have been coming out lately. I haven't read any of them yet, but I have a couple waiting on my shelf just waiting for me to have time for them. I love the Bec Master covers - have you read any of them?

  2. Haven't read them yet but hopefully soon. I've heard great things about them :0)