Thursday, 26 September 2013

Heat Stroke by Rachel Caine

Heat Stroke (Weather Warden, #2) Title: Heat Stroke
Author: Rachel Caine
Rating: 3 Stars

Review: The world building based on the use of Djinn to control the weather and other natural phenomena is very interesting. However, as in Ill Wind, the passages focusing on these elements are overly descriptive and excessively abstract to the point that they detract from the pacing of the book. 

The plot is barely existent until the halfway mark and even though the notion of Djinn being enslaved is gripping and the villainous characters are suitably creepy, it is difficult to muster any real interest in the outcome until the very end - if only the rest of the book were as good as the last few pages.  

Jo has tremendous potential as a snarky, kick-ass heroine although she hasn't quite gotten there yet. Moreover, as a Djinn, she is compelled to act against her free will, a concept that always makes my skin crawl, and she also has an annoying habit of evaluating every male character with an almost lascivious interest.  

That said, Jo's relationship with David is the highlight of the book. It might be the romantic in me but their chemistry sizzles and their emotional interactions are incredible and almost compensate for the lack of plot and problematic writing. 
Hopefully now that the world building has been established, the next installment will focus more on the story  and character development. 


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