Thursday, 19 September 2013

Heart to Heart #1: The Blogging Bucket List

Heart to Heart 

Heart to Heart is a new feature here at The Hottie Harem. Inspired by Let's Discuss hosted at Oh Chrys! and The Fiction Conniption, the purpose of these posts is to either share a book or blogging issue, controversy or even a little tidbit discovered somewhere in the blogosphere.

For my first Heart to Heart post, I'd like to share The Blogging Bucket List, a novel idea offered by Kaitlin at Reading is My Treasure, which, as the name suggests, is a list of goals specifically tailored to your blog.

Blogging Bucket

As a HUGE fan of lists of any kind, there was no way I couldn't participate so here are my blog related goals for 2013 and possibly 2014:

Abstract goals: 
* Enjoy blogging and make ensure it doesn't become a chore
* Work on developing interesting content
* Find great books to read and recommend

Numbers to reach by the end of 2013: 
* 100 Bloglovin followers
* 150 Twitter followers
* 600 GFC Followers

Book and review related: 
* Receive and review a DRC from Edelweiss
* Review one NetGalley ARC per month

Post/Event related: 
* Complete my Goodreads Challenge and post about it
* Write a street team post  
* Write a Series Wrap up post
* Write a guest post for another blog
* Join a giveaway hop

* Create original blog button
* Create original blog signature 

* Go to a book reading/blogging convention (need to start saving up)  
* Make sure to comment back on blogs that visit
Do you have a book blogging bucket list?


  1. This is fun! OK, here's my list:

    Abtract goals:

    *Make more bookish friends

    *Visit more blogs

    *Get to know authors/publicists well

    Numbers to reach by 2013:

    *200 Bloglovin readers,

    *20 comments per post average (I don't know if I'd reached that yet).

    Post Related:

    Complete Goodreads Challenge

    Write a post about finishing my book


    Me more active in commenting.

  2. Great goals!
    Some of my goals is to: visit more blogs, reply to every comments, post at least thrice a week, post a review a week and most importantly to have fun :)