Monday, 4 April 2011

The Dirty Secrets Club by Meg Gardiner

The Dirty Secrets Club (Jo Beckett)Title: The Dirty Secrets Club
Author: Meg Gardiner
Series: Jo Beckett (book #1)
Next in series: The Memory Collector
My Rating: 4 Stars

Synopsis: As a forensic psychiatrist or "dead-shrinker", Dr. Jo Beckett works with the police on cases in which the manner of death (accident, homicide, suicide) is unclear. In this debut book, Jo is called in when an up-and-coming DA is killed in what appears to be a murder-suicide. Once Jo begins digging it becomes clear that the young attorney was involved in a sinister organization whose members of being targeted. Can Jo stop the conspirators before she becomes one of their victims?

Review: Well-written with a solid cast of characters including the lead, Jo Beckett, and an extremely eerie villain. Jo’s character is well-developed with the aid of some flash-back scenes that contribute to rather than detract from the progression of the plot. She has just the right mix of strength and vulnerability to engage the reader. The plot is interesting, has plenty of twists and turns, and comes to a compelling conclusion. Definitely not my last Jo Beckett book.


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