Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Night Pleasures by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Night PleasuresTitle: Night Pleasures
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Series: Dark Hunters (Book #1)
Next in series: Night Embrace
My rating: 4 Stars

Note on series: The prequel, Fantasy Lover, provides some background to this tale but need not be read in order to enjoy this book.

Synopsis: Unlike the other members of her family, Amanda Deveraux is not enamored of the supernatural. She is, therefore, unimpressed upon finding herself handcuffed to Kyrian of Thrace, a former Macedonian commander reincarnated as a vampire, or Dark Hunter, and sworn to protect humanity from soul-sucking demons. As they grow closer both emotionally and physically, Amanda and Kyrian must overcome their individual fears in order to rid the world of the dangerous demonic foe fixated on destroying them first.

Review: Let me preface this review with a disclaimer that while I enjoy paranormal romances involving psychics, ghosts and shape shifters, I am not a fan of vampires. That said, I like the premise of the Dark Hunters perhaps because they are not vampires in the traditional sense, but rather creations established on the basis of Greek mythology, which is one of my academic interests. 
The characters are endearing, especially Kyrian, whose tortured past contributed greatly to my enjoyment of the book. The world of the Dark Hunters is unique, intricate and imaginative, and I look forward to the incorporation of various mythologies in future installments.  Unfortunately, Kenyon’s imagination does not extend to the formulaic storyline, or the insipid and clich├ęd descriptions of her male characters. There are also numerous references to popular culture, which may irritate some readers. Lastly, I was disappointed by the incongruity between the origins of the characters and their use of modern language, which seems inconsistent with their characterization. The reading experience would be better served if they used more period appropriate language and dialect.
Overall, this book is a solid beginning to the series and I recommend reading it.


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