Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Shades of Midnight by Lara Adrian

Title: Shades of Midnight
Author: Lara Adrian
Series: Midnight Breed (book #7) 

Previous in series: Ashes of Midnight 
Next in series: Taken by Midnight

My rating: 5 Stars

Synopsis: In the frozen wilderness of Alaska, bush pilot Alexandra Macquire comes across the mutilated bodies of an entire family. The killings stir up horrific memories from her childhood until the arrival of a seductive stranger who makes her feel safe. Kade is a vampire warrior hiding a shameful secret that threatens his fragile bond with Alex. Can he confront his personal demons and protect the woman he loves from an unspeakable evil that threatens to destroy them both?

Review: A significant improvement over the last book. The story is gripping from the start and the romance is one of the most intense in the series. 

Kade has just been added to my list of favorite vampires. He is one of the new additions to the Breed warriors and very little is known about him at the outset. The gaps are soon filled in and he is revealed to be sexy, sensitive and honorable. He is the first warrior whose family features prominently in the series, and it is interesting to see the dynamic between the members as well as how Kade copes with the secret he has been keeping from them. 

Alex is an independent and determined heroine, and the way in which her relationship with Kade develops and strengthens is simply perfect. As someone who has been exposed to rogue vampires in the past, it is not surprising that she has conflicting feelings once she discovers who he truly is. Her reactions are believable and compelling, and the way in which things work themselves out is intriguing. I do feel that her special ability could have been woven better into the storyline but this is a very small nitpick.

The secondary plots and characters add action and suspense to the main story arc. The appearance of the other warriors toward the end adds extra energy and the scenes presented from the Ancient's perspective actually had me feeling for him. He has suffered at the hands of his captors and cannot really be blamed for what he is or for his natural instincts. Brock’s story is set up well and I look forward to seeing where his connection with Jenna is going, as from what I can gather, she is not a breedmate.

Overall, this is a wonderful series that I wholeheartedly recommend to lovers of paranormal romance.


  1. I don't do Paranormal Romance but I won the first 3 books. I really want to try and need to just read one and see what I think. The reviews are always catchy.

    I can't believe this series is still being added to though. Guess that is a good thing.