Friday, 21 October 2011

Darkness at Dawn by Elizabeth Jennings

Title: Darkness at Dawn
Author: Elizabeth Jennings

My rating: 4 Stars

Synopsis: Following the revelation of an existential threat to the United States, Lucy Merrit, the daughter of famed CIA agents, is recruited to return to the country of their death to retrieve vital information. Lucy, together with Army Captain Mike Shafer, infiltrates the Kingdom of Nhala where a megalomaniac dictator is on the verge of annihilating humanity. Can Lucy and Mike save the world and their new found love?

Review: An impressive and gripping plot with well-developed and appealing characters.
Lucy is quick witted, adapts well to extreme situations and has amazing inner strength. Mike is strong, sexy and resourceful. He provides Lucy with the love and care that has always been missing in her life. The only problem is that even though they have great chemistry, it never really fulfills itself and their relationship is left hanging.
The writing is fast paced and the action scenes are exhilarating. There are a number of gruesome moments, however, and the book might not be for those with weaker stomachs. Moreover, some aspects of the story require readers to take significant steps in suspending their disbelief, such as accepting the fact that the CIA would ask a document restorer to retrieve military intelligence. Finally, the ending is wrapped up very quickly and a little too neatly.

The author is obviously making some political points with her writing so be forewarned. Nevertheless, this is an entertaining read and I look forward to reading additional books by this author.


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