Friday, 9 September 2011

Tanner's Scheme by Lora Leigh

Tanner's Scheme (The Breeds, Book 3)Title: Tanner’s Scheme
Author: Lora Leigh
Series: Breeds (book #9)
Previous in series: Harmony’s Way
Next in series: Wolfe’s Hope (novella)

My rating: 4 Stars
Synopsis: Bengal breed Tanner Reynolds has been obsessed with Scheme Tallant for years, but she is the daughter of a high ranking member of the Genetics Council with a sadistic reputation of her own. With a spy sabotaging Sanctuary from within, Tanner seizes the opportunity to kidnap Scheme to get answers but things are not as they seem and Tanner’s vengeance must take a back seat to saving the life of the woman he hopes to claim as his mate.

Review: Saying that this series is complete trash is an understatement but it is, nonetheless, addictive trash. At least the story in this book is one of the better ones.

For once the intense bond and passionate chemistry between the leads is not based on the mating plot device that has characterized all of the relationships in the series so far. Tanner and Scheme have a basic connection and fall in love without the added impetus of the mating heat and this contributes significantly to the enjoyment of their romance.  

Scheme is a great character – feisty, courageous, honest and strong willed. My only problem is with her ridiculous name. Tanner is not as domineering as some of the heroes in previous books, and his struggle with keeping his inner beast under control is an interesting aspect of his characterization. The point at which he ultimately fails to restrain himself is one of the highlights of the story as is the fact that he will do anything to keep Scheme safe even if it means giving her up. The voyeurism and Tanner’s tendency to share everything with his twin, Cabal, are a little icky but Cabal’s backstory is intriguing and I look forward to reading his book.

The identity of the spy at sanctuary is one of the most annoying aspect of the book. This subplot has been set up over several books and a number of theories had been formulating in my mind, but the ultimate resolution is sudden and the spy is not someone with an established character, which is one of my pet peeves.

As always, this installment in the Breeds series is hot and steamy, and not for the easily offended.


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