Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Rapture Untamed by Pamela Palmer

Title: Rapture Untamed
Author: Pamela Palmer
Series: Feral Warriors (book #4) 
Previous in series: Passion Untamed 
Next in series: Hunger Untamed

My rating: 4 Stars

Synopsis: The most antagonistic and anti-social of the feral warriors, Jag must partner with the beautiful and enigmatic Olivia, a member of the Therian Guard. However, Olivia is no ordinary immortal and possesses forbidden powers that must be kept hidden from her race. Will Jag discover her secret and what will he do with his dangerous knowledge?

Review: Once again, the plot is engrossing and the intricacy of the Feral Warriors’ world just gets better and better.

The characterization is both the high and the low point of the book. In terms of the latter, Jag is vulgar and obnoxious, and his behavior toward Olivia is morally questionable. The revelations of his tortured past explain many of his offensive actions and he does eventually redeem himself. Nevertheless, it is difficult to sympathize with or even like his character.

In contrast, Olivia is amazing. She is courageous and spirited, and kicks Jag's butt on numerous occasions. He has definitely met his match in her. The unique curse with which she is afflicted and its contribution to the plot is actually what kept me reading. Not that the romance is lacking, in fact, despite his faults, Jag and Olivia’s relationship is captivating, especially once he comes to terms with who he is and realizes what he has to lose.

In sum, the book is well written and has some excellent twists and turns as well as a significant cliffhanger at the end. I highly recommend that the series be read in order so as not to miss out on any of the important details.


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