Thursday, 4 August 2011

Wolf at the Door by Christine Warren

Wolf at the Door (The Others, Book 1)Title: Wolf at the Door
Author: Christine Warren
Series: The Others (book #1)
Next in series: She’s No Faerie Princess

My rating: 4 Stars

Synopsis: Werewolf Sullivan Quinn travels to New York City to warn the members of the council of Others that the secret of their existence is about to be revealed to humanity. He never suspects that he will meet his mate and his match in Cassidy Poe, a Foxwoman and an anthropologist. Soon Quinn and Cassidy must work together against a foe that seeks to destroy everything they know and love. 

Review: A steamy romance with witty banter and laugh-out-loud moments.

This is a well-written and light-hearted read with detailed characterization. Quinn is simply gorgeous and has the cutest Irish mannerisms. Cassidy is intelligent and spunky, and their chemistry sizzles.

The focus of the book is mainly on the romance and it is a pity that most of the author’s efforts were put into developing the main characters backgrounds and motivations rather than investing in the world building. The secondary cast includes a variety of supernatural characters from various mythologies, and while they are intriguing in their own right, they are not sufficiently developed. I can only assume that some of them will make appearances in later installments of the series.

The conspiracy plot is the weakest point as, despite its potential, it never manages to get off the ground and the final confrontation is rushed. While the ending is not exactly a cliffhanger, it is a little up-in-the-air and lackluster. In my opinion, the book lacks an epilogue in which Quinn takes Cassidy home to “meet the parents”.

On the whole, Wolf at the Door is thoroughly entertaining and I look forward to continuing with the series.


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