Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Key of Light by Nora Roberts

Key of LightTitle: Key of Light
Author: Nora Roberts
Series: The Key Trilogy (book #1)
Next in series: Key of Knowledge
My Rating: 3.5 Stars

My Synopsis: Fate brings three women together for a chance to unlock their deepest desires. On the first of three dangerous quests, Malory Price, who has the soul of an artist and an eye for beauty, must find the Key of Light that could fulfill her destiny...or forever destroy her life.

My Review: The intriguing mythology and quest atmosphere almost compensate for the lackluster romance.

The paranormal elements are more low-key as compared to Roberts’ other series in this genre: The Sign of Seven and Circle trilogies. There is enough detail in the mythology to whet the appetite but it is not sufficiently developed. The connection between the main female characters and the magical sisters whose souls are ensnared remains unclear by the end of the book, but will hopefully be explained by the end of the series.

While Flynn and Malory are likeable characters, their relationship lacks chemistry. It also seems to undergo a confusing role reversal halfway through with Flynn becoming quite hesitant after being the initial instigator and aggressor, as opposed to Malory, who was uninterested at first, becoming the pursuer. Moreover, Flynn’s contribution to the quest is virtually non-existent other than the fact that he is friends with the men who will feature in the sequels.

The secondary characters and the dialogue are the strong points of the book. The other two couples have more sizzle in their relationships and the witty banter, especially between Malory her gay friend from the art gallery, make this a worthwhile read.

Key of Light is a decent beginning to the overall story arc, which is interesting enough to entice me to continue reading.  


  1. I loved this series, but I agree with the chemistry between these two. My favorite was the last book of the series. Hope you like them.

  2. A story of three women. Average, everyday people. Working and living their lives like everyone else. Then, in a moment, life is changed. For the better, no one knows, but the best part is finding out. Nora Roberts has a remarkable way of keeping the excitement and intrigue throughout the entire book.