Monday, 29 August 2011

Dreamwalker by Kathleen Dante

DreamwalkerTitle: Dreamwalker
Author: Kathleen Dante

My rating: 3 Stars

Synopsis: Damon Venizelos is an incubus or dreamwalker, who works as an assassin for the US government and kills people in their sleep. His latest mission is to recruit master thief and shapeshifter, Rory diScipio, for the most dangerous job of her life – stealing a nuclear weapon from terrorists. As the two work closely together, they risk not only their lives but their hearts as well.

Review: The premise is extremely appealing; unfortunately, the execution is weak and disappointing. The dream sequences ultimately distract from the plot and characterization, and the book would have been better as a traditional espionage romance without the added paranormal elements.

The terrorist plot is alright even though certain events within the reconnaissance storyline (such as the abuse toward prostitutes and the marks Damon kills) have an artificial feel to them and do not contribute to the overall plot. 

The romance is contrived and the sex scenes repetitive. They add very little to the relationship between the hero/heroine, which remains superficial and underdeveloped. In terms of characterization, Damon and Rory’s backgrounds and motivations are hinted at but never fully materialize, which makes it difficult for the reader to become immersed in their story. Their connection is based almost solely on sex and is neither intense nor emotional.  

This is a first time author for me and I may read another of her books if I stumble across it but I won’t be seeking them out.


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