Thursday, 28 July 2011

Obsession Untamed by Pamela Palmer

Obsession Untamed: A Feral Warriors NovelTitle: Obsession Untamed
Author: Pamela Palmer
Series: Feral Warriors (book #2)
Previous in series: Desire Untamed
Next in series: Passion Untamed

My rating: 4 Stars

Synopsis: Tighe is a feral warrior searching for the other half of his soul located within a clone who feeds on humans to survive. FBI agent Delaney Randall is hunting a serial killer but almost becomes his next victim and finds herself psychically linked both to Tighe and the killer clone. Now the warrior and the agent must join forces to fight an evil that may destroy them both.

Review: Obsession Untamed is a satisfying and action packed read, but is not as good as the first book in the series, Desire Untamed. I recommend reading the books in order because the plots move seamlessly one into the other and even though the basic premise is explained, readers may not fully grasp its significance and may even become confused without reading the previous installment. The events leading into the next book are also set up nicely and I can't wait to read Paenther’s story.

The main characters are very well developed. Tighe is complex and fascinating and I was smitten with him from the very beginning. It took me longer to warm up to Delaney possibly because she is too caught up in her FBI persona. She becomes much more likeable once she is immersed in the world of the feral warriors and accepts Tighe’s true nature – they have one exceptionally intense scene that clinches their relationship. 

The book is well written, the clone idea is original and I enjoyed the ritualistic aspects of the ferals’ traditions as well as the special abilities that characterize each warrior. Nevertheless, some aspects of the story are somewhat clich├ęd, especially at the end and I was disappointed by the fact that Kara's backstory remains unexplained.

This is a wonderful and entertaining series and even though it is quite similar to other works involving groups of warriors, it is unique in the sense that Palmer’s characters are shapeshifters rather than vampires as in J. R. Ward’s Blackdagger Brotherhood and Lara Adrian’s Midnight Breeds series. So if you are a fan of Ward and Adrian, this series is definitely for you.


  1. Oh, this definitely sounds interesting! I think I'll have to take a look at the first one then, if they should be read in order. I prefer it that way anyway. ;) Great review!

  2. This is one of my favorite shifter series. I love how there's a variety of animal and not just wolves or just big cats. It's a great mixture thus provides a nice variety. Great review.