Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Kiss of Heat by Lora Leigh

Kiss of Heat (Feline Breeds, Book 3)Title: Kiss of Heat
Author: Lora Leigh
Series: Breeds (book #4)
Previous in series: Elizabeth’s Wolf
Next in series: Soul Deep

My rating: 4 Stars

Synopsis: After spending a decade believing each other dead, Kane Tyler and Sherra Callahan are finally reunited. Nevertheless, the devastating events of the past have turned them against each other and they must put aside their differences in order to heal the wounds that threaten to tear them asunder.

Review: Definitely lived up to my expectations. This was the book I was most looking forward to since beginning the series and I was not disappointed.

Kane and Sherra are extremely likeable characters and have an intense chemistry. Moreover, their tragic past contributes to the reader’s emotional involvement in the story. Kane is a supreme alpha even though he is not one of the Breed. I found his constant pissing contests with Taber amusing and his affection for Cassie endearing. Sherra is emotionally scarred and while I understand that she needed time to trust again, I could not fully accept her hostility and her stubborn and continued rejection of Kane once she realized that he never abandoned her. It also took her far too long to realize that she could not protect him from the unknown consequences of their mating. After all, the author emphasizes over and over that nature is all powerful and will always find a way.

Leigh’s writing is smooth and her dialogue engaging. The sex scenes were somewhat overdone and repetitious, and did not really contribute to either characterization or plot but they were definitely fun ;).

My one final nitpick pertains to all the Breed books so far and that is the lack of detail concerning the time the various characters spent at the Council labs. More information about how Kane and Sherra met and came together would have made their emotional and internal struggles even more engrossing.

Overall, an entertaining read and a sweet ending that makes it all worthwhile.


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