Sunday, 15 May 2011

Wicked Enchantment by Anya Bast

Wicked EnchantmentTitle: Wicked Enchantment
Author: Anya Bast
Series: Dark Magic (book #1)
Next in series: Cruel Enchantment

My rating: 4.5

Synopsis:  Numerous fae races are in existence and they have been incarcerated for hundreds of years. Aislinn Finvarra, one of the Seelie fae, has been assigned to escort Gabriel Mac Braire, an Unseelie fae, who has apparently decided to defect to the Seelie. Aislinn will soon discover that everything she believes about herself is a lie, and that dangerous forces both from within and without are working to destroy everything she holds dear. Ultimately, she and Gabriel must trust each other and work together before their world is annihilated.   

Review: The only reason I didn’t give this book 5 stars is because it starts off a little slow but once it gets going – look out!

The plot is imaginative and Bast has constructed an immersing and detailed world incorporating magical abilities as well as social, political and familial intricacies. The characters, both primary and secondary, are well developed with interesting back stories and the dialogue is engaging. Aislinn is a sweet character with just the right amount of independence and vulnerability, and Gabriel , a mysterious and gorgeous incubus, belongs to my favorite type of hero - bad boy with a heart of gold. Boy does he fall hard!

The romance is fiery and sensual and while the sex scenes are steamy, they do not overshadow the story and contribute to the emotional connection between the characters. The battle scenes are also well written and never become confusing to the reader.

I can whole heartedly recommend this book and will definitely be continuing with the series.


  1. Looks like a must read!! Donna