Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Phantom Evil by Heather Graham

Phantom Evil (Krewe of Hunters)Title: Phantom Evil 
Author: Heather Graham  
Series: Krewe of Hunters (book #1)  
Next in series: Heart of Evil

My rating: 3 Stars

Synopsis: A secret unit of six paranormal investigators, each with their own unique skill, is called following the mysterious death of a state senator’s wife. Regina Holloway allegedly fell to her death in a house reportedly haunted by the victims of a post civil war serial killer. As the investigation progresses and the team grows closer both personally and professionally, they must determine whether Regina was the victim of a malevolent ghost or the more insidious machinations of someone closer to home.

Review: The underlying premise of a haunted house is intriguing and the opening chapters are well written and engaging. Unfortunately, this trend does not continue and the writing becomes excessively descriptive and the dialogue forced. There are also one or two editorial slip-ups that create some confusion. For example, one character’s involvement in a nefarious group is revealed through conversation before the event exposing his connection actually occurs.

The characterization is unrealistic. It is extremely difficult to believe that six individuals from such diverse backgrounds will come together so cohesively in a relatively short period of time with absolutely no friction or conflict – this goes against human nature.

The romantic leads lack both tension and chemistry in their relationship. The hero is completely cold and unsympathetic, and the heroine’s initial dislike for him changes almost immediately into an incomprehensible attraction.

Finally, the conclusion is convoluted, and while some aspects of the mystery are solved others remain unexplained, which leaves the reader with a less that satisfied feeling.

Notwithstanding the above, this is a good ghost-hunting story with some interesting twists and turns. Moreover, readers with a passion for New Orleans history and culture will be entertained by the setting and atmosphere.


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