Friday, 14 January 2011

Seduction by Amanda Quick

Title: Seduction
Author: Amanda Quick
My Rating: 4 Stars

My Synopsis: The enigmatic Earl of Ravenwood and his new bride, Sophie Dorring, each of their own reasons for marrying. Julian seeks a woman who is the exact opposite of his promiscuous first wife, whom he is suspected of murdering. Sophie desires the freedom to seek vengeance against the man who defiled her sister and believes marriage to Julian will give her this opportunity. Little do they know that this marriage of convenience will ultimately set them on a collision path with a dangerous mad man.

My Review: The story is fast moving and has some amusing moments including a visit to a popular courtesan and an early morning duel. The heroine is intelligent and independent, and the conversations are witty and entertaining. The mystery, however, is where the book encounters difficulties as it is somewhat lackluster and formulaic. In addition, the excessive foreshadowing regarding the villain gives his identity away quite early.


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