Thursday, 6 January 2011

Split Second by Alex Kava

Split Second
Title: Split Second
Author: Alex Kava
Series: Maggie O'Dell (book #2)
Previous in series: A Perfect Evil  
Next in series: The Soul Catcher
My Rating: 3 Stars

My Synopsis: FBI profiler, Maggie O’Dell, must cope with the escape of her Nemesis, Albert Stucky, the serial killer who left her both physically and emotionally scarred. She must also contend with the disappearance of her new neighbor, and as the bodies begin following her around, Maggie must face the possibility that the killer’s next victim will be someone closer to home.

My Review: While the pacing is smooth and the book includes some suspenseful moments, the plot lacks imagination. The character development is limited (mainly Maggie and her new partner, Tully). It would have been more interesting to learn of the killer’s background and motivation, which are hinted at but not elaborated on sufficiently. As it stands, he is a generic construct with formulaic reasons and behaviors. The climax is also just as predictable.


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