Friday, 21 January 2011

All the Pretty Girls by J. T. Ellison

All The Pretty Girls (Taylor Jackson)Title: All the Pretty Girls
Author: J. T. Ellison
Series: Taylor Jackson (book #1)
Next in series: 14
My Rating: 4 Stars

Synopsis:  A serial killer dubbed The Southern Strangler is on a killing spree across the Southeast. At each new crime scene, he leaves a gruesome memento from his previous kill – the victim’s hand. Nashville homicide detective, Taylor Jackson, and FBI profiler, John Baldwin are hot on the heels of this sadistic killer while at the same time, Jackson is searching for a rapist who only attacks in the rain.

Review: Very suspenseful with some great twists and turns and even though the plot involves death and murder, it is not to gory. One of the aspects of the narrative that I found particularly intriguing was the fact that the story was told from multiple perspectives, including those of characters who were ultimately killed off.
While the main characters are realistic and believable, I would have liked to know more about their backgrounds and relationships. As this is the first installment in the series, these details may still be forthcoming and I will definitely continue reading.
Ultimately, the identity of the killer is not surprising and it is not too difficult to figure it out. Nevertheless, his motivation for killing is one that I have not encountered before.


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