Friday, 9 December 2011

Rules of Engagement by Christina Dodd

Title: Rules of Engagement
Author: Christina Dodd
Series: Governess Brides
Previous in series: Rules of Surrender
Next in series: Rules of Attraction

My rating: 5 Stars

Synopsis: Devon Matthewes, Earl of Kerrich, is in trouble with the Queen who views his rakish ways as an affront. To restore himself into her good graces, Kerrich decides to adopt an orphan and hire a dowdy governess who will not be tempted by his charms. Little does he know that behind Pamela Lockhart’s plain exterior is hidden a magnificent beauty with a mind and a tongue of her own. It would seem that the Earl has met his match…

Review: Absolutely loved this book ... great characters and a clever plot.

The story is well-written and reminded me of one of my favorite childhood movies – Annie, about an orphan girl adopted by a wealthy millionaire. The subplot revolving around the counterfeiting of bank notes adds a suspenseful touch to the romance.

With her scalding tongue, fierce devotion to the little orphan Beth and her high spirits, Pamela is a truly engaging heroine and Devon, despite his rakish way, is both gorgeous and vulnerable in his own way. The chemistry and witty banter are the highlight of the book.

Rules of Engagement is an enchanting and enjoyable book with some decidedly funny moments (“a full moon on a foggy night”). It is highly recommended for lovers of light and sweet historical romances.


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