Friday, 16 December 2011

Inferno's Kiss by Monica Burns

Title: Inferno’s Kiss
Author: Monica Burns
Series: The Order of the Sicari (book #3)
Previous in series: Assassin’s Heart

My rating: 4 Stars

Synopsis: As the heir to the Sicari Lords, Dante Condellaire is willing to make any sacrifice to be a good leader until the moment he meets Cleopatra Vorenus and his willpower is tested beyond its limits. Cleo is a fierce assassin for the Order but has always seen herself as an outsider. Now with Dante, Cleo feels she may have finally found a place to belong, but can she fit into his world, and can they overcome the threats to their happiness both from within and without.

Review: This is a highly entertaining series and I hope that it continues. I’m actually surprised that there hasn’t been more hype about it.

Cleo is a tough, no-nonsense woman who has been hurt in the past and must learn to trust again. Dante is very much in control of his actions and emotions, and finds it difficult to cope with the new and intense feelings that he experiences with Cleo. They are an amazing couple who has incredible sexual tension and explosive chemistry. Their ability to communicate with and without words adds another intense layer to their relationship and marks them as unique among the couples in the series. The side story of Marcus and Atia's steamy reconciliation is also compelling and enjoyable.

The overall plot is interesting but it lacks the twists and turns that characterized the other installments in the series. The ideas behind the Tyet of Isis and the search for Alexander’s potion are not developed any further, which is unfortunate, and the identity of the traitor within the Order is obvious early on. Moreover, when the villain from book #2 gets his comeuppance, it is not as impressive and satisfying as it could have been.

In sum, Inferno’s Kiss has everything one needs in a paranormal romance – well-developed characters, sizzling romance, gripping action scenes and an intelligent plot. The series should be read in order so that readers can gain a complete understanding of Burns’s exceptional world and the characters that populate it.


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