Saturday, 19 March 2011

Touch of Darkness by Christina Dodd

Touch of Darkness (Darkness Chosen, Book 2)Title: Touch of Darkness
Author: Christina Dodd
Series: Darkness Chosen (book #2)
Next in series: Into the Shadow
My rating: 3.5 stars

Synopsis: Rurik Wilder, a shapshifter who can turn into a bird of prey, is determined to break the curse that afflicts his family and goes in search of the holy icon that may fulfill this goal. Little does he know that the woman with whom he spent a night of unbridled passion is bent on revenge against the same assassins who seek to stop his quest. Can the two overcome their personal issues to triumph over their adversaries?

Review: Starts out a bit slow but increases in pace as the quest/adventure proceeds. While the Wilder men are very similar, the heroines are vastly different. Ann is shy and unassuming while Tasya is fiercely independent with trust issues. I enjoyed the differences in their characterization.
The mythology of the series plays an important role in the story but it could have been developed more substantially. Moreover, Tasya’s backs story is not as compelling as Ann’s and her relationship with Rurik is more complex and conflicted.
In sum, this is a satisfying addition to the series and I am interested to see how it will play out at the end.


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