Sunday, 1 January 2012

Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh

Title: Slave to Sensation
Author: Nalini Singh
Series: Psy-Changeling (book #1)
Next in series: Visions of Heat

My Rating: 4 Stars

Synopsis: In order to curtail their violent tendencies, the Psy race has been indoctrinated to feel nothing – no anger, no jealousy, no hatred and certainly no love. But Sascha Duncan is different and can no longer restrain her emotions once she meets Lucas Hunter, the leader of a Changeling pack. With the ability to shapeshift into animals, the Changelings are true predators and they hunt a Psy who has been butchering their women. Lucas believes Sascha may be his ticket into the Psy world but both he and his animal are fascinated by her. Can Sascha and Lucas resolve their differences in order to catch a killer? Are they willing to sacrifice everything for a taste of the ultimate temptation?

Review: Slave to Sensation starts out a little slow but grows into an exciting story once it gets going.

The romance is intense and the love between the main characters is irrefutable. Sascha is an intriguing character. She is feisty and courageous and succeeds in concealing her flaws from her own people. She nevertheless yearns for a place to belong, which she finds with Lucas. On his part, Lucas is a dominant and possessive alpha, but never hesitates to accept Sascha for who she is despite their differences. He is even willing to sacrifice himself and the welfare of his pack to a certain extent. The fact that their mating develops over time rather than as the result of immediate and intense attraction further contributes to their relationship. 

The serial killer plot adds a sense of urgency to the action and highlights the profound differences between the Psy, who are reminiscent of the Vulcans from Star Trek with their cold and analytical logic as well as the Borg with their hive mind, and the Changelings who focus on emotion, physicality and sensuality.

Singh's writing is fluid and her world building unique, interesting and entertaining. The dream sequences are particularly good (shared dreams are a favorite plot device of mine and these are written very well).

The secondary characters are appealing in their own right and their stories should be enjoyable. Overall, a solid beginning to the series and I look forward to continuing with it.


  1. Great Review! I love this series and this book is one of my favorites but there are others I love more. You'll still see lots of Sascha and Lucas as the series continues.

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